March 17-18, 2016 all-Terrain expedition "the Great Northern route" 2016

March 17th

At midnight stopped at river Sarika inlet near Cape Shaitanskogo. The snow is deep and soft. It is very hard to move forward. The visibility is almost zero. Went to sleep at around 1 AM local time. In the morning it became significantly warmer.

March 18th

Today is March 18 – it is fourteenth day we are on the route. Got up at 8:20 in the morning. The weather has not changed, only the wind died down. Visibility - 0. Today's Nikolay’s birthday and so we have the frozen muksun (kind of white fish) for breakfast prepared by Nesterov’s recipe.

The visibility has improved a little bit by the time we started the movement – we could see a lighthouse behind us and a top of the Cape Shaitanskogo hill on the left.

10 AM started the movement. The road is the same heavy – all three axles are engaged and we are moving at a speed of 6-8 km per hour. Nikolay is going first on 70-cm wide wheels, we are moving in his footsteps.

At 11:05 AM we stepped out on the ice of the Yenisei Gulf.

1 PM - passed the mouth of Deep River.

At 1:25 – 1:45 PM made some adjustments to the gearbox shift console. A 71 triangulation station altitude is clearly visible on the right from us.

At 2:30 PM we passed by the mouth of the river Kamenka .

2:50-3:30 PM – the head machine fails through to the naled’ (a thin ice over the water that is on top of the river ice). Quickly pulled out the trailers away and then the vehicle itself. Nikolay without trailers overcomes a rotten place and then drag on the rope both trailer. The second vehicle was more fortunate, some twenty meters to the left we managed successfully overcome the water trap .

3:35 PM continue to move.

4:30 – 5:45 PM - stopped for lunch. It seems we have been able to master the use of multivarok technology without sacrificing life of alternator. After lunch the "second shift" of Evgeny Polyakov and Ivan Kokin is behind of all-terrain vehicles. The road is good enough to go at a speed of 9-10 km / h.

Our radio friends are in the air again; however, Aurora once again on the way of the radio waves :-).

At around 9 PM while moving along on Krestovsky strait we’ve been admiring by flashing beacons of the lighthouses and hit the naled’ again near the north- east end of the Krestovsky Island.

9:45 PM - Finished recover work and continued to move along Krestovsky Strait. We are leaving behind the Popov Bay and stopped at 11 PM for the night just 3 km south of Zveroboev Cape barely missing the edge of the hole in the ice!

Here we arranged a gala dinner in honor of the Nikolay’s birthday - made a "pie" from lightly salted muksun (whitefish). Got to bed at 1:30 AM.


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