March 16-17, 2016 all-Terrain expedition "the Great Northern route" 2016

News from the route:

Hi! About 15 hours came to Vorontsovo. There was repairing the trailer. Left the village late. Apparently not. Blizzard. Reached the Cape Sopochnaya Carga, but the snowstorm did not find the polar station. Stopped for the night at 5 am only. Short 150 meters to the Cape Sopochnaya Cargas broke a wheel. Pump up every two kilometers at -28 and the snowstorm. Woke up at 8 o'clock. Polyarka was 150 meters from us. Repaired the wheel tightly ate stroganina and smelt. Poured 500 liters of diesel fuel. Many thanks to the chief of the polar station Alexey Bystrov. Came from Northern bonuses in 18 hours. A lot of snow, go slow.


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