March 11, 2016 all-Terrain expedition "the Great Northern route" 2016

In the morning the expedition continued its movement in the direction of Dudinka. Moving along a winding path, up and down the Rovers reached the Bank of the Yenisei. Decided to have lunch before crossing the ice of the great river he discovered the loss. Ivan went to get "grub" and the trailer for the second Rover no! Such loss cannot survive, so the crew of the "battle" of the machine had yet to work up an appetite in the vastness of our North. Finding a trailer on one of the steep climbs 15 kilometres of guys went back to the first jeep. Lunch did take place.
Continuing the route soon entered forwarding technique to Dudinka. Travelers placed on a new basis of the Arctic Rescue Center. Plans for today - bath. And tomorrow the members of the expedition waited in the Taimyr Regional Museum, meetings with journalists. And, of course, adjustment of equipment, responsible for communication.
The weather is nice -30 -35 degrees, covered 778 km.


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