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The High-latitude Technological Expedition

The "Polar Ring" Expedition is the first practical example of a complex scientific-practical program, named “the High-latitude Technological Expedition” (HTE). This program is a new technological method for exploring the Arctic, and is intended to bring improved capabilities, based on practical experience, to expedition activity in Arctic regions and Antarctica. The Expedition Center "Arctic" of the Russian Geographical Society has more than 20 years of expedition activity in Arctic regions and Antarctica.

In cooperation with Expedition Center "Arctic" our partners, such as the research institutes, the organizations and the enterprises which are carrying out the activity in remote regions of our planet, both large and small manufacturing companies, funds and movements etc., receive a unique opportunity to achieve their targets via:

  • accomplishment of scientific programs on the subjects of researches;

  • gathering the statistical scientific data and other information during the expedition;

  • carrying out of tests of products in real conditions of high altitudes;

  • obtaining expert judgments, conclusions, and recommendations for using such products in extreme Arctic region conditions;

  • testing actions in emergency situations in Arctic region or Antarctica;

  • testing conditions of educational programs for action in extreme climatic conditions of Arctic regions and Antarctica;

  • decision of marketing problems for more successful production promotion to the world market due to a wide advertising campaign, such as large expedition projects;

  • drawing public attention to universal problems such as drug addiction, terrorism, ecological disasters etc.

The movement on the route will be accomplished by pneumatic cross-country vehicles developed and made by EC "Arctic". The prototypes of these machines "Chukotka", "Chukotka-2" and "Toros” were successfully tested in 1999 - 2007 in Antarctica, on a route ending on the point of the South Pole, and in the Arctic region. The new advanced cross-country vehicles ”Polyus” will be used to cross Arctic in 2009;

All the equipment is constructed using the latest technologies and materials, and results of many years of experience accumulated during numerous arctic trips and expeditions.

To determine of their exact location and coordinates the travelers will use the modern global positioning system (GPS) navigational equipment.

For safety the group will use the global satellite rescue system COSPAS-SARSAT.

The radio station of the Expedition Center "ARCTIC" with call-sign R3CA/0 will be active in all HAM bands.

For the first time in the history of polar expeditions the expedition will use a special satellite communication system for translation of real-time on-line video from the trek.

Participants of the "High-latitude Technological Expedition" program:

  • «Territoria», Russia, Anadyr

  • Association "Vostok-Service Spetskomplekt", Russia, Moscow

  • «Geotechservice-2000», Russia, Moscow

  • "SICOM" (Radio communication equipment), Moscow, Russia

  • BASK” (sport and outdoor clothes), Moscow, Russia

  • "3M – Russia”, Moscow, Russia

  • Research-and-production association "ESMA", Russia, Troitsk

  • Group of companies "EURASIA”, Moscow, Russia

  • "TRANSMEDTECH”, Moscow, Russia

  • "Technoimpex”, Vladimir, Russia, etc.

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