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Expeditionary Project "Polar Ring"
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Generations of explorers have tried to reach high latitudes. Lured by the magic force of the North Pole, these explorers, Norwegians and Danes, Russians, Americans, Englishmen, Italians, and many others, risked their lives to discover new territories.

It is our duty to keep these explorers’ names in our memory and in the memory of future generations. Hundreds of them have brought worldwide recognition to their motherlands in the study and development of northern territories.

Now a new generation, experienced Arctic travelers, intend to retrace their forefathers’ footsteps, a pathway connecting all continents of the northern hemisphere by a single route that passes through the hardest-to-reach Arctic regions in Europe, Asia and America. The route will become a unique bridge between the nations populating the Far North of our planet, the symbol of the Decade of Indigenous Peoples of the North declared by the UN.

Our Project is dedicated to the memory of people who have connected their lives eternally with Arctic regions.

Expeditionary Project
"Polar Ring"

POLAR RING" is part of the Complex International Expedition program "Road to the Third Millennium", dedicated to a historical event in which participate all the habitants of the planet in this new Millennium.

The organizers of the "POLAR RING" project intend to retrace the steps of the first explorers to link all the northern continents by the thread of one route, that will cross the most difficult Arctic regions of Europe, Asia and America. It will become a sort of relay between millenniums, symbol of a "Dialog Between Civilizations", a program supported by the United Nations.

Companies and enterprises of Russia, Slovakia, Belarus, and Canada are participating in preparation and realization of the “Polar Ring” project.

The expedition project is being carried out in four stages - from March 2002 until June 2011.

Current project stage - the TransArctic expedition from Russia to Canada over the North Pole in spring of 2009. For more details, please follow this link >>>

The “Polar Ring” expedition project has the following key objectives:
  • To make an important contribution in the fields of unique Arctic expeditions, study and developing of Far-North lands

  • To shed light on the Arctic global problems

  • To carry out a wide range of scientific observations and experiments on the programs of the Third International Polar Year (IPY) 2007/2009

  • To draw attention, particularly to youth, to the idea of travel to the Far North, sport, a healthy way of living, and to encourage an appreciation of the environment

  • To carry out investigations in the field of history and ethnography of the Far North regions

  • To demonstrate the unique possibilities of a new cross-country vehicle with extra-low-pressure tiers

The Expedition is conducted under the United Nation's flag, and it is the practical contribution of the organizers, of the participants and of all those who have supported it, to the program "Dialog Between Civilizations" accomplished by the initiative and under the supervision of the United Nations.

If successful, the Expedition will become the first round-the-world arctic trip, accomplished by ground cross-country vehicles!

Vladimr Chukov

The Expedition program is directed by Vladimir Chukov, the President of the Expedition Center "ARCTIC", current member of the Russian Geographic Society, member of "The Explorer's Club" (USA), Honored Master of sports .

The work on the project is being conducted by:

  • Association of Russian Polar Explorers

  • Russian Geographical Society

  • Fund of polar researches

  • Nautical Arctic Complex Expedition

  • The Russia Chapter of "The Explorer's Club" (USA)

  • Scientific research institute of the Arctic and Antarctic

  • Ministry of the Russian Federation for Emergency Situations

  • The Russian Scientific research institute of a cultural and natural heritage

  • Russian agency "Arctica-Geenex"

General partner: Canadian Association for Assistance to Russia (ACAR).

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