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Polar Ring 2011

Current news

Expedition 'Polar Ring 2011': Mar 16-2403.04.2011 22:23

Two next days were spent for repairing consoles of intermediate reducers of both cross-country vehicles. Bended square profiles were leveled by means of jack, strengthening elements and an additional emphasis were welded . Everything is again ready for an expedition. However it became necessary to analyse carefully current situation from the point of view of the expedition`s main task – successful passing of the whole route up to the coast of Canada.

Expedition 'Polar Ring 2011': Mar 8-1503.04.2011 22:22

Another week of the expedition is over. A lot of things happened these days. Here they are in order.

The International Women’s Day had been celebrated according to our circumstances – with hard work. To fulfill transportation of our equipment to the island Sredny by airplanes we had to significantly disassemble vehicles and trailers. Wheels, suspension and much of the attached implements had been dismounted. The performed above the Arctic Circle reversal assembly process takes many times more efforts and time.

Travel29.03.2011 00:23

"Don`t you know, that a real life is a travel?...... And we travel every day while the nature moves."

Ioan Zlatoust

23 March - is birthday of the participant of expedition Oleg Kazharsky29.03.2011 00:14

We congratulate our dear friend Oleg Kazharsky with 45th birthday. Oleg is an irreplaceable person on a route – he is the skilled radio operator, IT expert, video operator, and ,what`s more, faithful companion. Behind Oleg's shoulders are the Arctic ski travels 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1992, participation in the Arctic project "Polar Ring" of 2007, the Tibetan expedition of 2007. We wish Oleg new interesting expeditions and travels.

Expedition 'Polar Ring 2011': Mar 3-709.03.2011 19:23

On March 3 after breakfast the whole team came to the garage with our all-terrain vehicles. We found that it has almost no heating. Heat batteries are cold and only one is slightly warm. However next days revealed that the box inside temperature is about minus 7-8 C if there’s no strong wind.

Expedition 'Polar Ring 2011': Mar 2-309.03.2011 19:20

Surprisingly in the morning of March 2 weather appeared to be flying at least at three airports: in Vorkuta, at the island Sredny and at one of reserve airports. Crews arrived to the airplanes by 7 am local time. We manage to visit dining room and to pick up packed meal for pilots on the way to airport. One more time we get aboard the ‘orange’ that transports us to the airplanes. Preparation to the flight is at its height: 'air heaters' have already brought to life insides of the AN-72s, technicians run over the wings and use buckets to pour liquid ‘Arctic’ on flaps.

March 4, 1937 – Yury Senkevich was born05.03.2011 11:50

Yury Senkevich – President of the Association of Travelers of Russia, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, cochairman of the International Humanitarian Aid and Cooperation Fund, academician of the Academy of Television, laureate of the State Prize, had been awarded with numerous orders and medals.
In his 30 years of anchoring the Travelersʼ Club Soviet TV show, Yuri Senkevich visited all six continents, 125 countries and the most remote regions of the world. He was often asked: “After everything you’ve seen, don’t you find everyday life boring?” And he would invariably reply, “The word ‘boring’ is not in my vocabulary.” This is Senkevich, to a "T"!

Expedition 'Polar Ring 2011': Mar 203.03.2011 17:50

The scheduled for yesterday flight from Vorkuta has took place. Two airplanes have successfully delivered the polar explorers and equipment to the island Sredny. The main task now is to assemble all-terrain vehicles and to get to the start point. Too much time had been lost in Vorkuta waiting for a favorable weather. Mechanics assigned themselves only three days to assemble the all-terrain vehicles. It is an extremely short time. There is no time for communication with the continent. Work is humming.

Expedition 'Polar Ring 2011': Mar 101.03.2011 23:08

The day has passed according to the already familiar scenario. Actually no news except that the weather in Vorkuta worsened seriously. Heavy blizzard, and strong wind. Storm warning in the town. In such circumstances it’s difficult even to get to the aerodrome to take next part of equipment to prepare for the journey.

Expedition 'Polar Ring 2011': Feb 2801.03.2011 21:58

Next two days of ‘the great standing at Vorkuta’ have passed. Talks about non-flying weather do not convince - actually clear sky outside, light blizzard. Golomjany sends the most favorable weather reports too. But…

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