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Vladimir Chukov

Vladimir Chukov

President of the EC "Arctic",
Honoured Master of Sports,
Member of the Russian Geographical Society



Expedition Center "ARCTIC" was found in 1992 on the basis of eponymous science-sport expedition, which have arranged and conducted expeditions to most remote and difficult regions of the planet to Far East of Russia, including Arctic Ocean area and Antarctic south hemisphere high latitudes.

The Center was found by Russian Geographic Society Moscow Regional Center and Russian Polar Explorer Association.

Annually, since 1982, Center arranged difficult, in some cases even unique ski trips for well physically trained, brave people fond of adventures. One of main specifics of such expeditions is maximum group activities autonomy on the route. Participants could depend only on their own affords and food/ equipment stock they took from the start.

During these years Center route groups skied through more than 30 000 kilometers across arctic coast, islands, archipelagos and Arctic Ocean drift ice. In only "Arctic" ski expedition more than 150 people took part. 24 of them reached the North Pole on skies, some of them twice.


On the 23 of April 1992, in terms of First Parachute-Ski Expedition "Rainbow above the Pole", for the first time in the history of North Pole, Russian flag was raised.

In 1994, for the first time in the world practice of polar expeditions, the whole team of 8 skiers reached the North Pole in absolutely autonomous regimen of travelling that became a Russian team world record. In 1998 "Arctic" Center route group succeeded in overwhelming, difficult ski transition from Russian coastline to Canada through North Pole spot. That became a new world achievement of Russian explorers -members of "Arctic" Expedition Center, estimated by specialists in extreme trips and world sport society as most unique expedition of the XX century.

Since 1997 "Arctic" Foundation together with Belorussia partners were developing new means of transport 6x6 wheel-drive cross-country vehicles with extra-low-pressure tires. Those vehicles received deserved approval on the results of examination in Arctic, 1996-98 and from that time on were widely used during Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.


Since 1999 Center expanded the field of their activities. Famous sportsmen skydivers, balloters, divers, admirers of non-traditional sport activities as well became its members. All these people have rich experience in arranging huge, complex expeditions. They conducted three parachute expeditions to the North Pole in 1997, 1998, 1999, first in the North Pole history balloons and para-motors flying, they arranged underwater diving of skin-divers and other large-scale public-sport actions.

In December 1999 January 2000 the Center arranged and conducted the first large-scale non-governmental Antarctic expedition, called "Meeting XXI century". As a result, during the expedition row of world records were made: such as mass parachute landing in Antarctic near Patriot Hills, first in the history of Antarctic balloon flying, speed 10 day cross country vehicle transition on the route from Patriot Hills to South Pole and back to Patriot Hills, first flying on balloon over the South Pole mark, installation of orthodox cross at the South Pole spot, honoring 2000 Christianity Anniversary, etc.

Results of "Meeting XXI century" Antarctic expedition were highly marked by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.


In April 2000 International parachute expedition to the North Pole "North Pole 2000" was conducted successfully, members of Ukraine National Parachute Team took part in it. In terms of expedition under-water diving of Moscow State University skin-divers Club members was arranged. Flying on AN-28 on the route: Kiev Moscow Hatanga Severnij island ice base North Pole. Successful testing of AN-28 ski-chassis.

In June 2000 due to affords of the Center, transcontinental flight to Siberia Alaska on LI-2 plane was arranged and was called "Following fathers roads" on the lend-lease route: Moscow Ufa Krasnoyarsk Kirensk Yakutsk Seimchan Anadir Nom Fairbanks.

Centers activities received blessing from Russian Patriarch Alexie-II, were also supported by famous Russian travelers, polar explorers and scientists: Arthur Chilingarov, Yuri Senkevitch, Vitally Volovitch, Igor Zotikov, Valerie Lukin and others. Repeatedly, Centers activities were highly appreciated by world famous foreign travelers such as Thor Heyerdahl (Norway), Edmund Hillary (New Zealand), Geoff Sammers (Great Britain), Reinhold Messner (Italy) and others.

The Center tightly co-operate with science and research organisations, Russian Federation Emergency Ministry, Russian Air-transport Service Rescue Center, Russian Antarctic Expedition, Moscow State University, Aircraft and Space Medicine Institute and other bodies and organisations. All Centers activity aim travelling promotion, video production based upon unique expedition film-materials. Center provides assistance on expedition arrangements in Russia and abroad.

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